2006 Ford F-450 6.0

Bad EGR Valve or Bad Head Gasket

Brady San Antonio

7/15/2017 Arrived to customer site looked over truck and found it was leaking water and of course still ran good. Pumped water into reservoir and tried to start, truck turned over half way and died, I believe engine was hydro-locked so I let the water drain and remove yellow / light blue wire for starter start wire and started truck from outside, pulled EGR valve at top of engine to look for water, no water but truck was not parked nose down at a angle. After water dumped tried turning engine and did turn but voltage in battery was low, jump start battery and after a few trials, the truck started. I believe this is a bad EGR Valve but only after removing EGR Valve I will know the condition. Will have to remove turbo, oil cooler, EGR Valve.